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We provide quality care to unwanted and abused cats by educating the public in proper animal care, emphasizing the importance of spaying and neutering.

Our promise to our animals: We will love and protect you, provide an enriching and nurturing foster home, care for all your medical needs, give you the structure and training needed for success, and above all; treat you as our own while you are with us.

Our promise to our community: We will work together, we will be kind and considerate, we will educate, we will advocate, we will serve. We are a small rescue established in Dundee, with 501c3 non-profit status.

Kitten/Cat Rescue Terminology


Trap. Neuter. Release.

Our most important program. We can help a cat colony by humanely trapping feral cats and kittens. Getting them to a vet to be neutered and then releasing them back into the environment they are used to. 

We get asked how come we can't just find homes for them. Not all feral cats will make good pets. Some feral cats we can rehabilitate and find a loving home or a farm space. But sadly, most feral cats are not used to humans and wouldn't make a good pet. Our TNR program allows us to help prevent the wild cat population from becoming out of control. 

Our TNR program significantly slowed during covid. We had to work with minimal vet appointments that continue to this day. The feral cat population is dangerously close to being out of control. 


Our foster families allow us to keep rescuing and saving the lives of so many cats/kittens. We know our name says Orphan kitten rescue, but trust us, we are here for all the kittens and cats that need us. We don't discriminate based on the cat/kitten's age. Our fosters are like family to us, and we genuinely appreciate all the care, time, nurturing, and love they provide our rescues. We are always looking for amazing fosters. If interested, here are a few things we require.


 - Live within 30 minutes of Newberg/Dundee.

 - Housing for our babies for the FULL duration of care needed. That can be as little as a couple of days or as much as a few weeks/months.

 - We request that you have a separate area for your foster babies. They must be kept separate from all other animals in your home for at least 2 weeks. It can be a bathroom, bedroom, den, or laundry room. As long as they have their own space.

 - Willing to help with transportation. They will have vet check-ups, foster check-ins, and supply pick-ups. We will work with you to accommodate your schedule. 

 - Provide us with updates, needs, photos, and descriptions to help find them a forever home. 


If you meet all these requirements, find us on Facebook and send us a message telling us you are interested in becoming a foster. 

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